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* Roaming voice is not included in the plan.com Europe Zone, as this is now classed as domestic usage.  However, international direct dial to the Europe Zone is included. Please refer Terms & Conditions

Roaming voice & international direct dial

These bolt-ons are perfect for people who conduct a lot of business abroad, needing roaming minutes and international dialling.

These monthly roaming voice and direct dial packages are available in two zones, covering most of the globe, with different call allowances*.

Choice of destinations

Europe Zone*,
USA & Canada

100mins £6

200mins £12

300mins £18

Rest of
the World

50mins £8.50

150mins £23.50

250mins £38.50

*As of 15th June 2017, plan.com Europe Zone destinations are no longer classed as roaming destinations. Calls made and received while
roaming now form part of your standard UK allowance. Please see the terms and conditions associated with your tariff for more details.

Roaming voice zones

USA & Canada



Rest of the world

Includes most countries in the world but excludes the following destinations*

Please refer to Terms & Conditions

World Zone Regions

Asia Pacific


Hong Kong


New Zealand


South Africa

Eastern Europe


Bosnia & Herzegovina





USA & Canada



Rest of the world

Additional prices

As a plan.com customer, you pay a fixed, contractual amount every month, agreed in advance, that will change depending on which tariffs and bolt-ons you've chosen, and which allowances you're enjoying. However, there can be exceptions.

Not everything is included in your allowances and you may occasionally need to pay a bit extra. This will probably be down to additional charges (sometimes called 'out of bundle' charges) that occur when you call or text a special number, or go beyond your monthly or daily allowances.

Yes they suck, and no we don't like them either. But we're all about transparency, so it's better you know about them now than get a nasty surprise later down the line.

Click here to see a full breakdown of additional charges.

Terms & Conditions

General terms & conditions

These are monthly bolt-ons that are paid in advance, just like a tariff. The monthly charge is made regardless of travel or usage. Any usage that exceeds the bolt-on's allowance will be charged at the standard rates associated with the destination.

Please refer to the Terms & conditions associated with your core tariff for more details about calls, texts and data usage.

If you exceed your monthly call allowance during a billing cycle, you will pay our standard out of bundle UK call, roaming and international dial rates.

You can monitor usage by accessing my.plan.com.

plan.com Europe Zone

Customers with tariffs and bolt-ons that include UK allowances will now be able to use their UK allowances when roaming in the plan.com Europe Zone

Usage in these destinations will be deducted from your UK allowances. For example, our plus.plan 3GB tariff customers will enjoy unlimited calls and texts as well as 3GB of data to use in the UK and Europe Zone from 15th June 2017. If you use 500MB in France, 500MB will be deducted from your UK 3GB data bundle.

Usage that exceeds tariff allowances will be charged at the same out of bundle rates that apply to the UK.

The following usage is included with the UK tariff allowance:

  • All data usage in the plan.com Europe Zone.
  • Calls and texts back to the UK from a Europe Zone destination (including voicemail retrieval).
  • Calls and texts within a Europe Zone destination, e.g. Spain to Spain.
  • Calls and texts from one country to another where both are in our Europe Zone, e.g. Spain to Germany (except where calls or texts originate in the UK – these are still regarded as international calls/SMS).

The following usage is excluded from the UK tariff allowance:

  • Calls and texts from the UK to destinations in our Europe Zone will not be included in UK Tariffs – these are classified as International calls/texts.
  • Calls and texts from our Europe Zone to a non-Europe destination, e.g. Spain to the USA are classified as Out of Zone Calls/Texts and subject to additional charges.
  • All calls and texts to Premium/Non-Geographic numbers are not included, neither are texts received from premium rate numbers.

While roaming in European countries that border with non European countries (e.g. The Republic of Cyprus, which borders with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), it is possible for a roaming mobile phone to connect with a mobile mast in the neighbouring country. In these cases, voice, text and data charges are set at the higher, non-European rates. When it comes to data usage, this can be up to £6 per MB. plan.com is not able to control which network your device connects to, and does not set the pricing for the network, which is controlled by the foreign network provider. For this reason, we are not liable for any additional charges that are incurred. This is also true of maritime, satellite and airborne networks.