powerful Data solutions for rapid access to your information

Our broadband and FTTC solutions were built with business use in mind so
there are absolutely no download limits to worry about

about our

We offer a complete range of business-grade data solutions, including broadband (with Annex M and Elevated Throughput options), fibre 40/10 and 80/20.

Our packages are easy to understand, have no hidden charges and, in the case of our most popular broadband and fibre options, come with absolutely no download limits whatsoever so you can just get on with building your business.

Our unique technology platform allows us to build completely bespoke tariffs tailored to suit your business and we utilise the Openreach network to deliver the most reliable service and the best price.

One of the first things we noticed about plan.com was their can-do attitude, the speed of resolving any issue is excellent and communication about progress is always given.

Mike Christie, Owner – Lambert, Leonard & May

technology platform

my.plan.com gives you unprecedented levels of control over all your plan.com solutions with most day-to-day management tasks completed online in just a few clicks.

my.plan.com is provided free of charge to all our customers and works across all platforms including PC/Mac, tablet and mobile.

my.plan dashboard


No limits

Absolutely no download limits on all our broadband and fibre packages

Fully optimised

Optimised to support our Hosted VoIP solution to ensure perfect HD call quality

Individual tariffs

Tariffs built to suit your unique business requirements


Easy to switch to us with plug and play router

No Jargon

No jargon, hidden charges or introductory pricing taps

Keeping it simple

One broadband option, two fibre options – simple and straightforward


Utilises Openreach and BT for a robust, reliable service


Our team is on-hand to support you pre- and post-connection

keep it

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple so you'll only receive one.bill for all your products once a month.

Using my.plan.com you will be able to see a detailed breakdown of historical usage and expenditure and download reports for analysis.


We may be a technology led company, but our Customer Service will remind you of how it used to be in the good old days when personal service was the norm.

Most day-to-day tasks can be completed using my.plan.com, but when you need any extra support our experienced and friendly team are on hand to assist.