Exec Traveller

Daily roaming
bolt-on guide

*Terms & Conditions apply


Travel in style with our Exec Traveller bolt-on. Customers enjoying our exec.plan tariff will gain exclusive access to our Exec Traveller roaming bolt-on.

Exec Traveller is easy to add and enables customers of these premium tariffs to use their mobile or connected devices with total confidence while travelling in our World Zone, which covers 113 destinations – more than most other networks.

This exclusive exec-level roaming bolt-on comes with an impressive 500mb of data, 100 minutes and 50 texts per day at a cost of £5 per day, which applies each calendar day the product is used while roaming.

Please refer to Terms & Conditions

Exec Traveller

Exec Traveller covers

In-country calls e.g. USA to USA

Back to the UK e.g. USA to UK

Roaming terminated e.g. calls received in the USA from the UK

Within each region of our World Zone e.g. USA to Canada

Exec Traveller does not cover

UK to World Zone destinations – you must be roaming for the bolt-on be active

Out of World Zone e.g. USA to Germany

Please refer to Terms & Conditions

World Zone Regions

Asia Pacific


Hong Kong


New Zealand


South Africa

Eastern Europe


Bosnia & Herzegovina





USA & Canada



Rest of the world

Please refer to Terms & Conditions

Exec Traveller

Additional charges while roaming in the World Zone

Zones Albania, Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Morocco, North Cyprus,s Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Montenegro Canada, USA Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore Rest of the World
Receiving a call (per minute) 52p 39p 43p 85p
Making a call back to the UK (per minute) 81p 90p 60p 120p
In-country calls e.g. Canada to Canada (per minute) 81p 90p 60p 120p
In-zone calls e.g. Canada to USA (per minute) 81p 90p 60p 179p
Out-of-zone calls e.g. Canada to New Zealand (per minute) 179p 179p 179p 179p
SMS (per message) 30p 25p 30p 40p
Data usage (per MB) 600p 600p 600p 600p

*Prices exclude VAT.

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions form part of the Customer Guide and are incorporated into the Business Customer Terms and Conditions between Plan Communications Limited ("plan.com") and any Customer who selects the Daily Roaming Package.

Exec Traveller

Exec Traveller can only be used in conjunction with exec.plan tariff. It can not be applied to any other tariff.

Roaming usage includes calls and SMS that originate outside of the UK. These allowances are only activated and accessible while roaming outside the UK or the plan.com Euro Zone. Calls, SMS and data used while visiting a Euro Zone destination will be deducted from a customer’s UK allowances (terms and conditions apply).

Daily roaming data cannot be used to supplement domestic data usage.

Exec Traveller is intended for use on occasional business trips by customers mainly resident in the UK. We therefore reserve the right to remove the bolt-on in cases where usage is considered excessive (where a user is abroad for a period of more than three weeks continuously or uses the product on more than 28 separate calendars in any 90-day period).

Exec Traveller has a daily activation fee of £5 when triggered while roaming in our World Zone (defined below). It includes a daily roaming allowance of up to 500MB of data, 100 minutes of voice and 50 texts.

You are charged the daily activation fee when you call, text or use data. You'll only be charged the daily amount on the days you use your phone in our World Zone.

General conditions

Customer will be charged and usage will begin to be measured from the point in time that the Customer first starts using data, sends an SMS/text or makes a call in the World Zone (as applicable).

For charging purposes, a day begins at 12:01am GMT/UK time and ends at 12:00am GMT/UK time.

Only an authorised person can add one of the Exec Traveller Daily Roaming packages to a Customer mobile number/SIM and we will send an SMS/text confirmation to the Customer's mobile number/SIM when added. If you receive an SMS/text from us and have any questions, please contact Customer Services immediately.

Opting out of Roaming Data Caps

Customers accept that by adding a Exec Traveller package they will be opting out of any EU Regulations, which apply a cap on mobile data usage in our World Zone.

Currently the EU default financial limit is €50 per month.

Notwithstanding that the Customer will have opted out of the data cap applied under EU Regulations, plan.com will endeavour to assist Customers in managing their data usage and spend by sending notifications where usage reaches 80% of the package limit and subsequently when usage reaches 100% of the package limit.

If Customer usage exceeds the applicable limit, usage will not automatically be capped and Customer will be charged at the standard roaming rates.

Note that data usage in our World Zone is charged at up to £6.00 per MB and we strongly recommend disabling data to avoid bill shock.

Customers can choose to cap usage in line with their chosen package by calling plan.com on +44 (0)3300 88 89 90 or by texting CAPWORLD to +44 (0)7860 039 195.

Customers can monitor usage by accessing their account portal at my.plan.com All prices stated are exclusive of VAT.

While roaming in a destination covered by a bolt-on that borders with a destination not covered by a bolt-on, it is possible for a roaming mobile phone to connect with a mobile mast in the neighbouring country. In these cases, voice, text and data charges are not included in the bolt-on allowances. When it comes to data usage, this can be up to £6 per MB.

plan.com is not able to control which network your device connects to, and does not set the pricing for the network, which is controlled by the foreign network provider. For this reason, we are not liable for any additional charges that are incurred. This is also true of maritime, satellite and airborne networks.