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Running or supporting a business can be stressful enough without also having to worry about controlling monthly bills and keeping connected.

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What are they and
how do they work?

Alerts & Bars are a great way for your business to stay in control of your bills (no nasty shocks at the end of the month) while giving you the insight and tools to stay connected.


Alerts are the notifications sent to a service via SMS and via email to the bill payer whenever a usage level (such as data, voice or text) is reached. It's up to you when you want them – they can be set at 50%, 80% and 100%. For example, you can opt for UK data notifications that alert you when you reach 50%, 80% and 100% of your domestic data allowance.


Bars are the restrictions that can be set against a service to prevent you from going above a pre-agreed spending limit. That spending limit can be anything from £0, which will prevent any additional charges, all the way up to £1,500.

For example, if you opt for a £10 UK data bar, you will be able to use all of your monthly data allowance plus £10 of additional data before a data bar is fired and the service's mobile data is disabled.

Some bars prevent any form of usage (such as the data bar), whereas others limit specific types of usage (for example with call and texts: premium numbers, international calling or roaming).

Alerts and Bars help you stay in control of your services. Never miss a notification or experience bill shock.


Six types of
Alerts & Bars

Alerts & Bars can be applied to six different types of usage:

  • UK Data
  • UK Voice
  • UK Texts
  • Roaming Data
  • Roaming Voice
  • Roaming Texts

Please note: We advise adding roaming Alerts & Bars to cover you for all types of usage, including roaming within the EU. Although this type of usage is taken from your UK allowances, overspend is recognised as roaming usage. As such, having roaming Alerts and Bars in place will cover you in every eventuality.


Default alerts

Talk to your Partner about the Alerts & Bars that are already set up on your account by default. These Alerts & Bars can be changed quickly and easily depending on your business needs. Different services can have different Alerts & Bars set-up.

By default, your services should be automatically opted in to a regulatory €50 data roaming cap. This data roaming cap is removed if you choose to set up a specific data roaming bar or apply an optional Spending Cap.

Captive Pages

Innovative tech

Captive Pages are exciting new webpages that are triggered automatically or via a text message whenever a service is restricted by a bar. They give you the opportunity to increase the spending limit linked with the bar and purchase bolt-ons, directly from the phone. In doing so, they remove any restrictions and keep you connected, whilst keeping you in control of your monthly bill.

If mobile data is disabled and the service is not connected to wifi, a Captive Page will trigger automatically whenever you open a web browser or access a mobile app that uses data.

Captive pages guide

Captive Pages are our incredible new webpages that give you the ability to increase your Spending Cap or purchase bolt-ons directly from your phone when your service is restricted.



If your service is restricted by a bar, Captive Pages give you the opportunity to purchase bolt-ons directly from your phone. What are bolt-ons? Here's a quick overview...

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Running out of data?
Give yourself a boost

We're sure your monthly data allowance covers you most months but every now and again, you may be caught short.

Data Boosts allow you to boost your data allowance any time you want, temporarily increasing your monthly data allowance, helping you avoid additional charges.

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Going global

We've got an impressive selection of roaming bolt-ons for every type of business traveller. Our bolt-ons offer data, voice and text options, covering daily travel and monthly trips across the globe.

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What do I need to know?

As a customer, you pay a fixed, monthly contractual amount that will change depending on which tariff you're on and which allowances and bolt-ons you're enjoying.

However, there are exceptions. Not everything is included in your monthly allowances and you may occasionally need to pay a bit extra. This will be down to additional charges (sometimes called "out of bundle" charges or overspend).

There are five main types of additional charges:

  • Out of bundle charges occur if you exceed your monthly allowances i.e. you go beyond your data, voice or SMS allowances
  • Special and Premium numbers, which are "non-geographic" or operated by third-parties (quiz lines, helplines, directory enquiries etc.) do not form part of your inclusive minutes' allowance
  • International calls and SMS from the UK to a foreign country
  • Roaming calls, texts and data – using your phone while abroad
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service – e.g. sending pictures as part of a text message) are not included in your standard tariff

More information on additional charges, including exactly how much they cost, can be found on our pricing page.



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Our Alerts & Bars are available to all customers, regardless of when you joined or renewed. To set Alerts & Bars on your services, please contact your Partner or our friendly Customer Service team.

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