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Data Boosts

Busy month?
Running out of data?
No problem – Give yourself a boost

We’re sure your monthly data allowance covers you most months but every now and again, you may be caught short.

Introducing Data Boosts. Now you can boost your data allowance any time you want.

Data Boosts temporarily increase your monthly data allowance, helping you avoid additional charges.

Data Boosts

Choose the size of your boost

You can now boost your data any time you want with 1GB, 2GB and 5GB Data Boost options.

What’s more, if you’re caught short near the end of the month and have already boosted your data, you can add another one (or two) Boosts – you just can’t add the same Boost amount twice in one month!

So, if a 5GB Boost has already been added, you can request a 2GB or 1GB Boost (you can’t have another 5GB). You could even add them together to get a 3GB Boost!

Data Boosts

*Please refer to the full Terms and conditions. While roaming in European countries that border with non-European countries (e.g. The Republic of Cyprus, which borders with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), it is possible for a roaming mobile phone to connect with a mobile mast in the neighbouring country. In these cases, voice, text and data charges are set at the higher, non-European rates. This is also true of maritime, satellite and airborne networks.

Europe Zone

Roaming in Europe is easier than ever. You can now use your UK allowances when travelling in the plan.com Europe Zone, at no additional cost*. This means that Data Boosts can be used while roaming in the plan.com Euro Zone as they form part of your standard data allowance. The plan.com Europe Zone includes:


Data Boosts Terms & conditions


Data boosts can be requested at any time in the month and are compatible with any device that already has access to data. Neither the price nor the allowances of data boosts are pro-rateable. If a customer exceeds their data allowance, standard out-of-bundle charges apply. Adding a data top-up will not absorb data overage that has already been incurred. The customer will be charged for the additional data they have already used, plus the price of the data boost, which will include data usage from the point at which the bundle is added until the end of the month. Data Boosts are not compatible with exec.plan 60GB.


A data boost will end with effect from the end of the calendar month in which the request was made unless explicitly agreed with the customer, either in writing or verbally. When explicitly agreed with the customer, they can be left open when added until such a time that the customer requests the boost to be removed, either verbally or in writing.