Your first day
with us

Your first day at a new job is always going to be pretty nerve-wracking – no matter who you are and what job you're starting. However, we hope it's going to be a pleasant experience. This site will give you a bit more information, and allows you to tell us a few things we need to know about you, too.

Working hours

Our working hours are 9am–6pm (with an hour for lunch). However, our Customer Services team work shifts varying within 7am – 8pm on weekdays and 8am - 5pm on weekends.

On your first day we usually ask you to start at 10am, giving us chance to make sure everything's ready for your arrival. If you're unsure, get in contact with us.

Casual Fridays

And don't forget Casual Fridays. We relax the dress code and finish at 5pm, ready for the weekend!


Your buddy

We want to make it your best first week at work ever. That's why we partner you with a plan.com buddy – someone who is there for day-to-day advice and guidance, as well as offering encouragement and a friendly ear.

Who will

  • Help you navigate through the large amount of information given in the first few weeks
  • Understand the culture and personalities at plan.com
  • Offer a different angle – from their role, department or individual experiences
  • Talk about their first few weeks
  • Give you an employee/non-management view
  • Encourage you to have your say, and express your own ideas and values


Let's get you
kitted out

We consider ourselves to be a smart, clean, impressive but relaxed outfit, and we believe plan.com staff are the perfect reflection of that.

We ask that you dress that way – for boys, that means a good shirt, smart jeans or trousers and polished shoes... but no ties!

For girls, we ask for an appearance that's neat and professional.

All the gear

Having the right equipment to do your job is as important to us as it is to you. If you have any special requirements when it comes to your working environment (within reason!), please let us know.

Before we get started

We need your details

1. Job information

2. Personal information


Door opening times

You will be given an electric key, which you can use to access the door at the rear of the building. The front doors unlock at 8:30am and lock at 6pm. Once locked, you can leave the building but can't re-enter it once the doors have closed. Out of hours, you may also need an alarm fob for the rear door.

In a jam? Call 03300 88 18 18.

Airport and Ferry

A new-level of control - the tools and insight to manage and investigate services quickly and easily.


On site, there are a limited number of spaces that have been pre-allocated but there are several nearby carparks where you can pay and park all day, these include Shaw's Brow, Sea Terminal, Bus station, Douglas Yacht Club. The closest free carpark is next to the Quarter Bridge / Fire station which is a brisk 15-minute walk.

We're building a team of exceptionally talented individuals to help us achieve our ambition of being a global player in the telecoms space. People choose to work for plan.com because of its dynamic environment. Everyone's input counts directly to our success and each individual sees how their contributions matter.




2nd Floor IOMA House
Hope Street
Isle of Man