Ofcom GC22

General Condition 22 on Service Migrations and Home-Moves74

Communications Provider Migrations

Scope and Effect
Mis-selling prohibition
Information at point of sale
Customer's termination rights
Records Retention
Record of consent
Notification letters
Simultaneous transfers
Reactive save
Communications Provider Migrations without change of location within Openreach's Access Network
Home-moves within Openreach's Access Network
Migrations of Broadband Services within KCOM's Access Network
Other Migrations of Broadband Services

General requirements

Publication of information

Annex 1 to Condition 22

Notification of transfer
Cancel other

Annex 2 to Condition 22

Working line takeovers
Asset identification
Notification letter

Annex 3 to Condition 22

MAC Broadband migrations process77
Issuing MACs to End-Users
Refusal to issue a MAC
Cease requests and notice to terminate a Broadband Service
MAC validity and migration dates
Erroneous MAC migrations
Information about the MAC Broadband Migration Process
Complaints about the MAC Broadband Migrations Process
Broadband Network Services
Broadband Migrations

74 Consumer Switching: A statement on the GPL NoT+ elements, 20 December 2013.
75 Simplifying Non-Geographic Numbers, Statement, 12 December 2013, amended paragraph 22.6(c)(ii) with effect from 26 December 2013.
76 Simplifying Non-Geographic Numbers, Statement, 12 December 2013, inserted definitions of "Access Charge", "Consumer", "Effective Date" and "Unbundled Tariff Number".
77 Broadband migrations: enabling consumer choice, Statement and notification, 13 December 2006