Ofcom GC23

New Ofcom Rules – General Condition 23

Ofcom has launched General Condition 23. It's to protect people who buy mobile phones and services. So you know exactly what you're buying. And who you're buying it from.

The new rules fit the way Plan works – whether face-to-face, over the phone, online or on paper, we will always give you honest information and full details of everything you will need to have and know.

But some companies aren't as honest. Some use aggressive or misleading sales tactics. Some even pretend to be us.

Here's a guide so you know what to look out for.

What to do

First, read our Consumer Code of Practice.

All the key points from General Condition 23 are in the Code of Practice. But here are the key points that we will ensure we will be:

1. Transparent and clear

Before you sign up or upgrade to a new contract, you should know:

You should ensure you have a copy to keep.

2. Honest

You should never be misled. Ever.

3. Fair

You should never be forced or pressured into buying anything. And you shouldn't be contacted outside of reasonable hours.

4. Identifiable

Whenever someone phones you, they should introduce themselves clearly and say why they're calling.

5. Referable

Whenever you are sold something, the paperwork is retained for at least 6 months - showing who agreed to what, when and how. If the contract includes incentives (like cash back), the paperwork is kept until at least 3 months after it should have been fully redeemed. Make sure you keep hold of all your paperwork or emails too, so that you can go back and check anything if you need to.

6. Observant

We run rigorous checks on all our partners (companies and directors). But if you find they've broken any of these rules, report them to us.

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