Everything you need to know about SIM cards!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage SIM cards on behalf of your customers, so whether you are ordering, activating, connecting or swapping, our no-nonsense guide is designed to cover all bases.

How do I order SIM cards?

You can order SIM cards via the v4 portal. Here’s how:

  1. Log into v4 and click on the burger menu next to your name in the top right-hand corner
  2. Select the Request SIMS option from the dropdown
  1. Select the type and quantity of SIMs required
  2. Select your delivery address and add any additional information
  3. Click the Send Request button

Except for the Triple SIM, which has a minimum order of 50, there are no restrictions.


SIM cards can cost up to £10 each but at we don’t charge!


There are three different categories of SIM card, Triple, UK IoT and Smart IoT.

When ordering on the v4 portal you will be given six options to choose from - Triple, Smart IoT Standard, Smart IoT Micro, Smart IoT Nano, UK IoT Standard and UK IoT Triple.


We do not send out activated SIM cards – they must be activated before they can be used. For pre-existing customers, you activate their SIM via a SIM swap. All SIM cards for new connections must be activated through the connection schedule on the v4 portal.

Where do I find the SIM serial number?

You can find the 11-digit SIM serial number on the back of SIM card or under the barcode.

Post-connections or ‘SIM swaps’

You can activate SIM cards for all post-connection customers via the SIM swap function on the v4 portal.

A new SIM card is required if a customer’s handset has been lost/stolen or if they are upgrading or changing handsets and require a different sized SIM.

A member of our customer service team may also recommend a SIM swap to resolve a technical problem.

Activating a new SIM card using the SIM swap function only takes a few seconds:

Opting in and Out
  1. Search for the relevant phone number in the Customer tab in the v4 portal
  2. Select MORE OPTIONS and then SIM SWAP from the dropdown on the Service Card
  1. Enter the complete new 11-digit SIM Serial Number in the NEW SIM box
  2. Click ACTIVATE
  3. The customer should then be advised to insert the new SIM card, reboot their handset and wait for a signal and the O2 symbol to appear on the screen – this can take up to 24-hours but is usually much quicker.

New Connections

If your customer is new to, SIM activation is done through the Connection Schedule in the Quote Builder on the v4 Portal.


Once a deal has passed through underwriting, the customer has signed the e-contract and completed the Direct Debit mandate, you’ll be able to complete the Connection Schedule section on the v4 Portal. SIM cards will activate 24-hours after the connection date.

  1. Log into v4, search for the relevant quote reference number in the Quote Feed and load the connection summary
  2. For a new connection, input the customer’s full name, SIM serial number and connection date
  3. For a porting number, input the customer’s full name, SIM serial number, PAC code and connection date
  4. For a migration (with a new SIM) input the customer’s full name and existing phone number, the SIM serial number, PAC code and connection date
  5. For a migration (with an existing SIM) input the customer’s name and existing phone number, the PAC code and connection date. Please leave the SIM section blank
  6. Finally, apply the changes


New Connection: This is when a randomly selected number is given to a new customer once the connection date is selected by the Partner.

Porting: This is when a number is transferred to from a different provider other than O2.

Migration (with a new SIM): This is when a number, porting to from O2, requires a new SIM card.

Migration (with existing SIM): This is when a number, porting to from O2, comes with an existing O2 SIM card.

PAC (Porting Authorisation Code): For a customer to keep their mobile number when transferring to, they must request a PAC from their existing network provider. This code allows to take ownership of the number and is needed for all ports and migrations.

Question or need
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