2020 is the year that plan.com will once again shake up the industry with a series of cutting-edge launches.

First up - on Monday 3rd February, we’re launching three new Sales Channel Teams!


We spent a great deal of time analysing years of big data. We’re putting our insight to work by creating three dedicated teams of specialists, each focused on supporting the specific needs of their channel.

Everything has been designed to help you to win more business and enjoy even higher levels of service.


Our Digital team will focus on Distance Sellers who predominantly sell over the phone or online.

The team, tech and processes have been optimised to help Partners win and close deals at lightning speed:

  • Highly automated customer underwriting and on-boarding
  • A dedicated Digital support team
  • Business Development Managers experienced in distance sales practices
  • Customer complaint and regulation support
  • A large, experienced customer service team helping partners deliver a high-level of service

Small and Medium Businesses are the big focus for most of our Partners, who add real value to customers of different sizes looking for tailored solutions, fit for their business.

The team, tech and processes have been optimised for flexibility, able to deal with a range of Partner and customer demands:

  • Dedicated underwriters
  • A team of Sales Account Managers, on hand to ensure partners have everything they need to on-board customers
  • Business Development Managers on-hand to help Partners grow their base and reputation alongside our own
  • Tech team on-hand to help
  • Series of new product launches planned throughout the year
  • Help supporting customers with pre-connection and in-life issues

Our team of Enterprise experts are dedicated to Partners who need an extra level of support to win and on-board big deals.

The team, tech and processes are designed to be heavily versatile, with a focus on tailored solutions that need commercial, technical and marketing expertise.

  • Deliver tenders and on-site pitches in person, alongside Partners
  • Technical support (pre-connection, on-boarding and in-life)
  • Contract negotiations
  • Specialist legal or compliance support
  • Commercial advice and, for large deals, commercial backing
  • Targeted marketing and pitch-specific support materials
  • Additional support from our leadership team

Instant access

Years of insight is now directly at partners disposal. Each of our teams is here to support your business needs and can be quickly accessed through our new central Sales numbers, or through your Business Development Manager.

And if you're thinking about new opportunities in new markets – we’re here to offer our support, knowledge and experience.

Post connection support

If customers require post connection support and you need our help, simply call the sales number and select option 2. This will connect you to our team of service experts.

Alternatively email help@plan.com

the teams

The sales region your business falls into is based on your location. If you have any other questions about the Sales Channels, please contact your existing Business Development Manager or Sales team, who will be happy to help.


Sales Director

Keith Curran


National Sales Manager

Graham Donald


Business Development Manager

Matt Vairy


Business Development Manager

Lesley Bray



Tom Wollin



James Ollier



Dan Stringer



Ross Skillicorn


Team Leader (SMB)

Jonny Callow


Account Manager (SMB)

Olivia McKee


Account Manager (SMB)

Brian Rooney


Account Manager (SMB)

Laura Cull


Account Manager (Digital)

Rachel Cooil


Team Leader (Enterprise)

Mark Terris


Account Manager (Enterprise)

James Craig


0330 057 8589

0330 057 7450

What's the benefit?

Speed: close deals and on-board customers faster
Quality of service: Partners and customers experience focused support
Commercials: designed specifically for the demands of each channel
Technical support: fully aligned with each channel’s processes
Expertise: Experience and knowledge available for your advantage

How have the new teams been determined?

We spent a great deal of time analysing years of big data and, we now know where we can develop efficiencies, build more expertise and add even more value.

This has helped us to identify our channel focus. As for our people, that was the easy part! The whole team is enthusiastic about the change and we’re confident that we have the best people in each role, based on their skillset and expertise. With the people and team in place, the sky really is the limit!

Are the previous sales roles now obsolete e.g. BDM, BDE, RM, PSE?

BDMs will retain their existing roles, but the remaining titles will all become obsolete.

This change will allow our Sales Account Managers (formerly BDEs and RMs) to focus on driving sales and generating new business

How are the sales regions being split?

We are moving to a 50/50 split aka the North and the South. The four BDMs will remain in the same (or very similar) sales patches in order to maintain the existing relationships they have developed with their Partners. If you do have a new BDM, they will be in contact with you very shortly to introduce themselves and arrange a visit.

Are we now restricted to selling to a channel?

The Digital channel is restricted to distance sellers who predominantly sell over the phone or online. However, when it comes to SMB and Enterprise, Partners can sell into any channel they like. Each team is specialist within their channel, which means that you will benefit from the different layers of expertise and processes designed to maximise efficiency and effectiveness within each channel.

But if you are thinking about new opportunities in new markets i.e Digital Partners who want to set up in the SMB or Enterprise market you can and we’re here to offer them our support, knowledge and experience.

Is it just a channel split for mobile?

The channel focus applies across the board. We have to diversify, and this is a big step towards achieving that. By focusing on specific customer groups, we can develop and refine our offering to provide a complete connectivity solution.