Our business is evolving, and we want you to be involved EVERY step of the way...

staff.live set out the vision
now we need your help to deliver it, starting with...

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Our core values
We need to redefine them to represent where we are today and most importantly, where we are heading.

Core values are something that big, slow, old fashioned companies have. They’re meaningless, churned out by people who get paid to do nothing but churn out fluffy s**t. And they get stuck on a cheesy poster, taped to a wall, looked at once -if at all- and forgotten forever"

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Our core beliefs are plan.com.
They're our DNA.

They encompass everything that plan.com is and everything we want it to be.

They’re why we do what we do. Why you get out of bed in the morning. Why you want to work here. Why new employees want to work for us. But they’re also why our partners want to connect with us. Why our competitors want to be us. Why our customers rely on us. Why O2 partner with us.

But what are our values?

You tell us!!!

We’re not going to push aspiring-but-not-existing values on to you. We want YOU to tell US what makes plan.com, plan.com.

This is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers. We’re going to take all your ideas and use them to shape our future. That’s why we’re putting up £1,000 of vouchers for your insight.

We are on the edge of something amazing, now it’s time to take the jump...

My name is:

What do you value?

Our values are the qualities in which we take the most pride in ourselves, and admire the most in others. Think of them as behaviours or standards. So, what three things do you do, on your best day, that make you and plan.com stand out? What would you want to be famous or recognised for?

More than a feeling?

People don’t remember the details of an event, but they do remember how it made them feel.

Amazon – well that was quick and easy!
Ryan Air – well that was painful!
Dealz – well that smelt funny!

Tell us how you want people to feel at plan.com:

Word up!

We’ve talked about behaviours and feelings, but let’s now look at the words that companies often use to promote their values. Based on your ideas so far, are there any that you think should be taken seriously? Please choose three:

Can you sum that up?

And if you were to summarise that in one tagline, what would it be?

Think Nike’s “Just Do It” or Apple’s “Think Different”. These taglines don’t tell you why you should use Nike or Apple, or what they do. Instead they’re like a verbal logo, telling you who they are and what they stand for. Because, wouldn’t you want to know who people (and brands) are before we do business with them?!

Great - that’s it!

Now just hit the button below to submit your response.
Winners of the £1,000 vouchers will be announced before the end of August – good luck!