SIM Gateway

Gateway/SIM Boxes policy

Note: Reference to The Network or Network within this document refers to the Mobile Network Operator(s) with whom Plan Communications Limited (Plan or has an agreement for the provision of network services. References to SIMs means any type of subscriber identity module whether in card or virtual form and for any type of use whatsoever including mobile, voice, data or internet of things.

Gateway Devices/SIM Boxes are specifically prohibited to operate using the The Network. Plan does not agree to provide service to operators of any Gateway Devices/SIM Boxes. Where they are found to operate, Plan is entitled to and will take immediate steps to withdraw service, on the basis that their continued operation effectively puts Plan and The Network in breach of its Conditions of Entitlement

Gateway/SIM Boxes

A Gateway Device/SIM Box means a device(s) containing one or more SIMs for one or more mobile networks and which enables the automatic routing of calls to mobile networks, landlines or to generate SMS Text(s)

The purpose of the Gateway/SIMBox is, therefore, to avoid the relatively higher charges of fixed-line-to-mobile calls and exploit the lower tariff of mobile-to-mobile calls or texts within the same network. It should be noted, however, that following Ofcom's decision of 1 June 2004 mobile termination rates are to be cut by 30%, from the beginning of September 2004. The corresponding reduction in fixed to mobile retail rates may well have an impact on Gateway/SIMBox operators' business plans.

The Gateway/SIMBox also results in mobile consumers being unable to use services that they would expect to be able to use, including: returning a missed call; sending an SMS; screening unwanted or malicious calls (call rejection); and using Calling Line identity (CLI) to manage costs when roaming / receiving calls from overseas (deciding whether to accept the call).

Monitoring and governance

The Network will monitor the use of its networks to establish where Gateway/SIM Boxes operate

Collation of information

The Network will keep a register of Gateway/SIM Boxes that operate on its network and those that have operated on its network within the previous twelve months that it has been able to identify. This will be used to establish the volume of traffic passing through Gateway/SIM Boxes and the trend in their usage.

Connection bonus clawback

In the event that a connection made to The Network via Plan Communications Limited is found to be an illegal Gateway/SIMBox ALL GCBs (Connection and ARPU bonuses) plus revenue shares will be clawed back in full by Plan. The connection shall be deemed as void and consequently any volume bonus or ARPU target bonus payable will be adjusted accordingly.

Please note that all Gateway/SIMBox connections are exempt from standard commercial terms and need to be negotiated on a case by case basis.