APRIL 2019

APRIL UPDATES – The power of sharing

Double whammy! Last month we gave you pro.plan, pro.plan Switch and a suite of Tariff add-ons. This month we’re giving you proshare.plan – our new and exclusive sharer tariff.

But wait... that’s not all! We’ve made some minor but powerful changes to our Tariff add-ons, making all three of them compatible with pro.plan Switch.

Please take a look through this important update, which also includes partner and customer tariff guides, FAQs, and a number of improvements to our existing Tariff add-ons.



proshare.plan is our answer to businesses who want to pool their data allowances and share them across multiple handsets

When it comes to data, not everyone uses their phones in the same way each month.

proshare.plan is based on a simple principle: Data you pay for but don’t use goes to waste, so why not share it with others who need it? proshare.plan is the best way for agile businesses to maximise their data allowance.

The benefits

  • Unlimited1 shared minutes and texts in the UK and Europe Zone2
  • Choose between a wide range of pooled data allowances, including a jaw-dropping 1TB and 2TB
  • Additional shared and personal data bolt-ons available
  • Help customers stay within their allowances with a series of automated notifications and bars

1 Fair usage thresholds apply. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more information.

2 For information on roaming, roaming restrictions and the Europe Zone, please refer to the terms and conditions


When is proshare.plan available?

From 1 April 2019, proshare.plan is available to all new and renewing customers.

How do I choose proshare.plan?

proshare.plan will be available through the quote builder on the v4 portal from 1 April.

Can a customer change to proshare.plan from their current tariff?

proshare.plan is only available to new or renewing customers. The only way to do this would be for the customer to renew their contract, which is not always possible if they are in the early stages of a contract.

Can you add Data Boosts to proshare.plan and share the data across all handsets?

No. You can only add Data Boosts to individual services. When a data boost is added to an individual service, the Data Boost is not shared across the other connected services.

Can you add other bolt-ons to proshare.plan?

Yes. The full range of standard bolt-ons can be added to a proshare.plan contract.

Can I add Tariff add-ons to proshare.plan?

Yes. Compatibility is dependent on the number of services on each proshare.plan deal. If the service threshold is met, Tariff add-ons can be added to each selected service during the pre-contract stage. Tariff add-ons cannot be added or removed after a service has connected.

What is the proshare.plan Tariff add-on service criteria?
Connections on proshare.plan quote Pro Ireland Pro Europe Pro Traveller
2-9 connections
10-24 connections
25-49 connections
50+ connections
Do Tariff add-ons apply to all handsets on the proshare.plan?

No. Tariff add-ons must be added per service. Once a Tariff add-on has been added, only that service will enjoy the Tariff add-on benefits. These benefits cannot then be shared.

Can I to add different Tariff add-ons to different users on the same proshare.plan deal?

Yes. If a service on the same proshare.plan deal needs Pro Ireland but another service needs Pro Traveller or Pro Europe, that’s not a problem as long as the collective deal meets the Tariff add-on connection criteria.


pro.plan  switch
& Tariff add-ons

You spoke, we listened! In March, we introduced you to our most flexible tariff but we’ve just flexed it even further! pro.plan Switch is now compatible with all our Tariff add-ons depending on the price point at which you sell the tariff.

Tariff add-ons are now available on pro.plan Switch deals at the following price points:

Price Pro Ireland Pro Europe Pro Traveller
< = £11.99
£12 – £14.99


What do I need to know about Tariff add-ons?

Most tariff ranges on the market include built-in extras that benefit only a minority of customers at the cost of the majority – and partners get no say in the matter. With pro.plan, we make these Tariff add-ons optional, meaning that partners can tailor the plans to the specific needs of the customer.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes – Tariff add-ons can ONLY be added to new connections and renewals during the contract stage. They cannot be added or removed after a service has connected. Tariff add-ons are only available for;

  • pro.plan customers with specific data options.
  • pro.plan Switch customers who were sold there tariff at specific price points.
  • proshare.plan customers depending on the number of services connected to the proshare.plan deal.
Tariff Pro Ireland Pro Europe Pro Traveller
pro.plan 1GB
pro.plan 3GB
pro.plan 6GB
pro.plan 12GB
pro.plan 25GB
pro.plan 50GB
pro.plan 100GB
pro.plan Switch1

1Price threshold dependent. Please refer to the pricing compatibility table.

2Service threshold dependent. Please refer to the service compatibility table.

How are Tariff add-ons charged to customers?

Tariff add-ons are a great way to attract and renew customers with specific business requirements or get a deal over the line. Although these are optional extras, they are part of the core tariff, which means you set the tariff price based on your requirements and those of the customer.

How do I add a Tariff add-on in the quote builder for a proshare.plan deal?

Tariff add-ons can be added using the blue button in the quote builder. Remember you need to select which connection your adding the tariff add-on onto.



As of the 1 April 2019, we are deprecating shareplus.plan.

This means that all new quotes generated from 1 April 2019 will not have the option to choose shareplus.plan. Existing quotes that include shareplus.plan will still be honoured.


Can customers on existing shareplus.plan benefit from Tariff add-ons?

No, these customers will not be able to benefit from Tariff add-ons until they renew on proshare.plan or our pro.plan tariff range.


Alerts & Bars

We know you’ve been busy getting to grips with our new Tariff range, pro.plan, pro.plan Switch and proshare.plan that sometimes we forget the small things but sometimes they can make all the difference, especially when you’re trying to delight your customers.

We know you will be keen to renew your customer base to one of our new industry leading pro.plan or proshare.plan tariffs but it’s worth noting that when you renew a customer’s service any Alerts & Bars that were previously set at Service Level on their old contract will not carry across to the renewed contract.

That means, once a customer’s service is renewed, you, the Partner needs to set-up any Service Level Alerts & Bars that should be in place or are required by the customer. Dealer Level or Customer Level Alerts & Bars are unaffected.