mbbshare.plan & our new Sales channels

More ways to
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More ways to win customers

This month, we’re not only launching our brand-new Sales Channel teams designed to help you win more business and enjoy higher levels of service, we’re also launching our brand new Mobile Broadband sharer tariff, mbbshare.plan.

Please take a moment to look through this update, which includes customer tariff guides, FAQs and a reminder about our new exciting Sales Channel structure.


Sharing is caring (and cost effective)

mbbshare.plan helps customers keep their business connected with shared access to pooled 4G1 data of up to 2TB2 across a number of data-only devices.

Our new, unique approach to shared data is a great way for agile businesses to maximise their data allowances and adapt to the flexible data needs of each user while staying in control of their costs.


14G connectivity is not guaranteed. See Terms & Conditions for details.

2Data allowances linked to number of sharers. Fair usage thresholds apply. See full guide for details.

Is a data-only tariff right for your customer?

If your customer doesn't use or require their device for calls or texts, then a data-only tariff is ideal. A data-only tariff is perfect for business customers who are always on the move and need to keep their data-only devices connected even when there's no WiFi available.

What is a data-only SIM?

A data-only SIM can only be used to connect data-only devices to the plan.com mobile data network. Unlike a traditional tariff, a data-only tariff doesn't have any minutes or SMS, so customers won't be able to make calls or texts but will still be able to connect to our data network.

Can customers switch from mbb.plan to mbbshare.plan?

mbbshare.plan is only available to new or renewing customers. The only way to change to mbbshare.plan from another tariff is to renew your existing contract, which is not always possible if you’re still in the first few months.

Can you add Data Boosts to mbbshare.plan and share the data across all handsets?

No. You can only add Data Boosts to individual services. When a Data Boost is added to an individual service, the data is not shared across the other connected services.

Can I add other bolt-ons to mbbshare.plan?

Yes, compatible bolt-ons can be added to individual services. When a bolt-on is added to an individual service, the bolt-on allowance is not shared across the other connected services.

What devices can an mbbshare.plan data SIM be used in?

mbbshare.plan SIMs should only be used in data-only devices such as modems, tablets or dongles. Using an mbbshare.plan SIM in a mobile phone would fall outside our Fair Usage Policy.