A new Ofcom regulation comes into effect on 15th February that requires customers to be notified by their provider when their services are due for renewal.

As a service provider, will be emailing customers 30 days prior to a service reaching its minimum contract term date, and annually if the service remains out of contract.

The emails identify the service (or services) affected, provide basic ‘best tariff’ information and encourage the customer to contact you, the Partner.

Customers with multiple services

Customers with multiple services may include:

  • Customers with one contract that includes services with different minimum contract term dates (due to different connection dates or different contract lengths)
  • Customers with multiple contracts with the same minimum contract term dates
  • A customer with one contract that includes different channels e.g. mobile, mobile broadband, IoT, VoIP

One notification email is sent to the customer per contract, only identifying the services affected on that given date i.e. 30 days prior to the minimum contract term date or on the annual anniversary of the minimum contract term date.

If multiple services are affected on the same date, these services will be grouped into one email. However, if multiple services are affected across multiple contracts, the customer will receive one email per contract, whereas customers on a sharer tariff will receive only receive one notification for the entire contract.

How will I know which customers are being notified?

We will send you a renewals report at the start of each month that tells you which customers are due for renewal, the customers who remained out of contract and the number of services included.

If you are able to renew the customer/service(s) before it reaches the 30 day criteria a renewal warning notification will not be sent.

An example of the monthly email report can be seen here:

renewal report email

What will the customer notifications say?

Examples of the customer emails can be seen here:

30 day renewal warning annual reminder

Which customer contact will be notified?

A notification email will be sent from to the person who signed the customer contract or, if we do not hold the email address for that person, the billing contact.

When will the emails be sent?

From Saturday 15th February, notification emails will be sent on a daily basis whenever a service is 30 days prior to its minimum contract term date or annually on its anniversary.

How will we send the emails?

The emails will be sent automatically via our internal email and ticketing system.

Which services will be included in each notification email?

A service will only be listed in the 30 day warning renewal or annual reminder notification email if:

  • The service is reaching its minimum contract term date in 30 days or its the service’s annual anniversary of the minimum contract term date.
  • The service is active i.e. connected to the network and being billed

Services that are no longer connected to the network due to a transfer or disconnection or are not currently being billed will not be listed in either notification.

What contact information is included in each email?

Your partner name, email address and phone numbers will be taken from the information that is held on the v4 Partner Portal and included in the 30 day renewal warning and annual reminder notification emails. To update this information, please login to and navigate to the Business section at the bottom of the dashboard. This information is also used on proposals and contracts.

Can you amend the customer notification emails?

Due to the automated nature of the notifications, information cannot be added, amended or removed from either notification.

Any questions?

Please talk to a member of our Sales team, who will be happy to help.