JULY 2019

In May, we introduced go.plan, our innovative solution to the new Ofcom regulations that are coming into effect on 1 July 2019.

But our work hasn’t stopped there. We’ve made some additional improvements to our PAC and Disconnection processes, so that we’re fully compliant with the new regulations and customers receive the best experience.


What are the new Ofcom regulations?

To put it simply, the new Ofcom regulations aim to remove any unnecessary hurdles, pressures or additional steps that customers may experience when they want to switch mobile provider.

The new regulations have three core principles:

  1. Auto switch: In order to avoid unwanted sales/retention discussions, providers must offer an automated system that allows customers to request a PAC, disconnection or information about termination fees via text, email or online portal
  2. Customers should not have to pay for the same service twice. To avoid an overlap, Ofcom is banning notice period charges after the switching date
  3. Providers must publish clear, accessible information about the switching process on their websites and online portals so that customers are informed (not doing so is seen as providing an unnecessary barrier by forcing people to call in)


What are 'unnecessary barriers'?

Ofcom is clear that any processes or behaviours that interrupt PAC or disconnection requests in order to retain customers should be stopped. PAC and disconnection requests must be accessible, straight forward and timely.

However, the security of a mobile account is essential. The PAC/disconnection process requires the sharing of sensitive personal or business-related information, and results in the termination of a business contract and the disruption of services. For this reason, the correct identification and verification of all requesters in the PAC/disconnection process is necessary.

The majority of requests that are received by plan.com will be asked to visit the go.plan portal, which has been specifically created to validate a customer’s identity, provide them with all the required information about their request, and process the request in a timely fashion.


Text to request

From 1 July, plan.com customers, who have a contract which is in respect of a single service will be able to make PAC and STAC requests as well as information requests through sending a text message to plan.com.

There is a separate text number for each type of request which are as follows:

  • If a customer would like to request a PAC they can text PAC to 65075 for free
  • If a customer would like to request a STAC they can text STAC to 75075 for free
  • If a customer would like to make an information request, they can text INFO to 85075 for free



A STAC (Service Termination Authorisation Code) affords a customer is the same rights as a PAC – it’s issued within two working days and the new provider must be able to connect the service within 24-hours of its receipt. However, there is one difference – with a STAC there is no number to transfer.

When a customer requests a STAC, the code is generated within two working days by the existing provider. Once activated by the new provider, they activate it, at which point the old service is disconnected and the new service (with a new number) is connected within 24 hours.

IMPORTANT: The old service will continue to be connected to the existing network until the STAC has been activated by the new service provider.


Customer information about the process

We’ve updated our website, adding a brand-new page for customers that has all the information they need to know when it comes to the switching process, how they can request to leave the plan.com network and how they can request information about termination charges. This page is accessible from the plan.com website and viewable to the public.


We advise you to take a look and familiarise yourself with the page in order to understand it yourself, and support customers with their enquiries.



We recommend customer visit go.plan to cancel their contract, regardless of how they wish to terminate their services or the number of services they wish to transfer or disconnect.

So that you know exactly what a customer will experience when they use go.plan and for a detailed reminder of how go.plan works refer to our handy partner go.plan page.

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