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March and April saw us refresh our entire mobile tariff offering. This month, we've turned our attention to mobile broadband (MBB), increasing the maximum data offering on mbb.plan to 50GB.

Please take a look through this important update, which also includes our customer tariff guide, best practice guidance when selling mbb.plan, FAQs, and a number of small changes to our terms and conditions.



Whatever their device, keep it connected

Our mobile broadband packages enable customers to stay connected on any number of devices, from a PDA to an iPad, with great 4G coverage across the UK.

There are now seven data options for customers to choose from, including a brand new, 50GB tariff!

Wherever they go, it works

mbb.plan data allowances can be used in the UK and the plan.com Europe Zone, so customers can stay even more connected than ever before.

1 GB 3 GB

For occasional users who need to stay connected, our lighter monthly data allowances ensure you stay online - with Data Boosts available at any time if you need a little extra.

5 GB 8 GB

For people who carry their tablets, laptops or any other connected device with them at all times and like to work from anywhere and everywhere!

20 GB 35 GB 50 GB

For people who are always on the move and use their devices to upload or download a lot of data, such as film, large documents or video conferencing.



Is a Data-Only tariff right for your customer?

If you customer doesn't use or require their device for calls or texts, then a Data-Only tariff is ideal. A Data Only tariff is perfect for business customers who are always on the move and need to keep their data-only devices connected even when there's no WiFi available.

What is a Data Only SIM?

A Data-Only tariff can only be used to connect Data-Only devices to the plan.com mobile data network. Unlike a traditional tariff, a Data-Only tariff doesn't have any minutes or texts customers won't be able to make calls or texts but will still be able to connect to our 4G network.

My Customer requires a bigger data allowance. Can I sell them a voice, text and data tariff?

No. Mobile tariffs cannot be used in conjunction with Data-Only devices.

Can you add bolt-ons or data boost to mbb.plan and Global Data?

Yes, however mbb.plan is only compatible with Daily Explorer. Data Boosts can be added to a mbb.plan but computability is dependent on specific data options (see chart).

Tariff Daily Explorer Global Data Data Boosts
mbb.plan 1GB
mbb.plan 3GB
mbb.plan 5GB
mbb.plan 8GB
mbb.plan 20GB
mbb.plan 35GB
mbb.plan 50GB

If you exceed your monthly data allowance while in the UK or roaming in the plan.com Europe Zone you will pay our standard out of bundle data rates.

Data usage while roaming in the plan.com Europe Zone is classed as domestic data usage and will be deducted from your standard monthly data allowance.

Data usage outside of the UK and the plan.com Europe Zone is not included in your standard data allowance. Note that data usage outside of the UK/Europe Zone is charged at up to £6.00 per MB and we strongly recommend disabling data to avoid bill shock.

You can monitor usage by accessing my.plan.com. The reporting of data usage can be subject to delay

Fair Usage Obligations

You must only use the services or plan.com SIM cards for private, personal and legitimate business purposes.

What to avoid: You must not use your plan.com SIM card to support any connection where the SIM card is fitted into equipment for use with applications that primarily transfer information between fixed systems and remotely located handsets/assets or any other remote computer systems.

You must not use our services or a plan.com SIM card in such a way that in our reasonable opinion we reasonably believe adversely impacts our network or the service to our other customers.

What to avoid: Using our services to do anything that slows down the performance of the network, or prevents other customers from using the network as intended because of congestion caused by your usage of the services.

You must not establish, install or use a gateway device (including devices tethered via cable, Bluetooth or wifi, to a computer or the internet, when used for making large volumes of calls or sending large volumes of texts). We can withhold our consent for this activity at our absolute discretion.

What to avoid: Using gateway devices to send automated messages or make automated calls would fall outside this Fair Usage Policy.

You must not use our services fraudulently, in connection with a criminal offence, in breach of any law or statutory duty, to make a call or send a message or to take pictures or video or send, upload, download, use or re-use any material, which is offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene or menacing, a nuisance (including to our staff) or a hoax in breach of any rights or anyone's privacy or is otherwise unlawful.

What to avoid: Unlawful file sharing, and sharing, downloading or viewing inappropriate or illegal content are examples of use that would fall outside this Policy.

For the avoidance of doubt the prohibited activities listed above is a non- exhaustive list. plan.com reserves the right to assess any activity that it may consider inconsistent with a reasonable customer's good faith use of the services provided by plan.com.

You must not use our service in a way which deliberately games or exploits to your advantage the design of our billing or call record systems.

What to avoid: if you are using the service in a particular way which exploits the design of our billing and call record systems, we will write to you telling you that you must stop using the service in this way. You must stop doing so.

What happens if your usage falls outside this Policy?

When you use a lot of data, it slows things down for everyone. So, to keep things fair, we keep an eye on how much data you, and all our customers, use. We can use appropriate traffic shaping or throttling measures to protect our network from types of data usage which we think might impact on levels of service for other customers.

This may happen at specific times of day and/or in specific locations. We may impose network protection controls that may reduce your speed, remove access to your tariff allowances or Bolt-Ons, impose further charges to your account, and/or disconnect your plan.com SIM card at any time.

Other breaches

This isn't an exhaustive list of how you could be breaching this Policy. If we reasonably suspect you're not complying with this policy, we reserve the right to impose further charges or disconnect your plan.com SIM card or your tariff at any time, having attempted to contact you first.

What is roaming?

’Roaming' is when a Service is used outside of the UK, for example, when you travel to a foreign country with your mobile phone. Your plan.com tariff does not include use of your service(s) outside of the plan.com Europe Zone ("EZ"). Therefore, using Equipment (e.g. a phone or device such as a connected tablet or laptop) outside of the UK or EZ means that you may incur additional charges, other than those described as part of your tariff, while using your device.

Roaming usage

Equipment is ’being used' while abroad when one or more of the following events take place:

Data is accessed by your device. This may happen as soon as a device ("Equipment") connects with a foreign network provider. plan.com will charge you a fixed standard per MB rate for this data usage without an applicable roaming data bolt-on. To prevent this, either mobile data must be turned off, roaming data must be turned off, the Equipment must be in Flight Mode and/or the Equipment must be turned off. PLEASE NOTE: Data can be accessed by your Equipment as soon as it is turned on, or Data access is enabled having been previously disabled. Data is not limited to specific apps being opened e.g., Facebook, an internet browser or Spotify. Background tasks often access data on your Equipment without your specific interaction. Therefore, your Equipment may be sending or receiving data simply by being turned on.

Roaming add-ons & bolt-ons

To help control costs while roaming, roaming add-ons and bolt-ons can be applied to a service. There are a variety of daily and monthly add-on and bolt-ons available, which provide additional data, calls and/or texts allowances while roaming for a fixed daily or monthly charge, and cover a variety of different roaming destinations. To find out more, please visit our roaming bolt-ons guide.

Roaming data

If you do not have a roaming bolt-on or you exceed your daily bolt-on allowance(s), you will be charged our standard out of bundle roaming data rates. Note that data usage in or outside the EZ is charged at £6 per MB and we strongly recommend disabling data before connecting to a foreign network if you do not have a roaming data bolt-on or your bolt-on allowance is exceeded. See our pricing guide for more information.

The reporting of data usage can be subject to delay. Data reporting is controlled by the network provider on which data is being used and it is beyond the control of plan.com with regards to when the foreign network provider releases this information.

Roaming in the plan.com Europe Zone

Customers with tariffs and bolt-ons that include UK allowances may use their UK allowances when roaming in the plan.com Europe Zone (EZ). Usage in these destinations will be deducted from your tariff allowances. For example, our more.plan 5GB tariff customers will enjoy unlimited calls and texts as well as 5GB of data to use in the UK and EZ. If you use 500MB in France, 500MB will be deducted from your more.plan 5GB data bundle. EZ usage that exceeds standard tariff allowances will be charged at the same additional charge rates that apply to the UK.

The following usage is included with the UK tariff allowance:

  • All data usage in the EZ
  • Calls and texts back to the UK from an EZ destination (including voicemail retrieval)
  • Calls and texts within an EZ destination, e.g. Spain to Spain
  • Calls and texts from one country to another where both are in the EZ, e.g. Spain to Germany (except where calls or texts originate in the UK - these are still regarded as international calls/SMS)

The following usage is excluded from the UK tariff allowance:

  • Calls and texts from the UK to destinations in the EZ will not be included in UK Tariffs - these are International calls/texts
  • Calls and texts from in the EZ to a non-EZ destination, e.g. Spain to the USA are classified as Out of Zone Calls/ Texts and subject to fixed per minute/SMS charges
  • All calls and texts to Premium/Non-Geographic numbers are not included, neither are texts received from premium rate numbers

Non-domestic use limitations

Roaming in the EZ is intended for people who occasionally travel outside the UK where they live or have stable links i.e. they work or study there. It's not meant to be used for permanent roaming. As long as you spend more time at home than abroad, or you use your Equipment more at home than abroad, you can roam freely at domestic prices when travelling anywhere in the EZ. We reserve the right to check your usage patterns to determine if you might be abusively using your EZ roaming (regulated roaming services at domestic price). If you spend more than two months abroad out of four months, and if you have consumed more data abroad than at home over this time, we may send you an alert. Once the alert is received, you will have two weeks to clarify the situation. If you continue to remain abroad, we reserve the right to apply surcharges (equivalent to wholesale roaming caps, agreed on 31 January 2017).

Roaming near borders

While roaming in countries that border with other destinations that fall outside the region or zone (e.g. The Republic of Cyprus, which borders with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), it is possible for a roaming mobile phone to connect with a mobile mast in the neighbouring country. In the example of Cyprus and Turkey, voice, text and data charges are set at the higher, non-EZ rates. When it comes to data usage, this can be up to £6 per MB. This is also true of maritime, satellite and airborne networks. plan.com is not able to control which network your Equipment connects to. For this reason, we are not liable for any additional charges that are incurred.

Maritime, satellite and airborne networks

Maritime, satellite and airborne networks are not included in any plan.com tariff or bolt-on allowances, even though they may be based in one of our roaming zones. plan.com cannot be held responsible for Equipment accessing these networks and is not liable for any additional charges that are incurred from Equipment using these networks, even if accidental. Please take extra care when travelling off-land or within areas not covered by mobile operators. We suggest putting your device into flight-safe mode in these situations or turning off roaming data on your device.


The use of mobile allowances in Data-Only devices

mbb.plan is our Data-Only tariff designed for devices such as tablets, dongles and routers. Our mobile/voice tariffs such as pro.plan and pro.plan Switch are designed for mobile phone handsets.

O2 has recently brought to our attention that a small number of our existing customers have been using mobile allowances (voice, text and data) in Data-Only devices, breaching both the plan.com and O2 Terms & Conditions and, as a result, are prohibiting such usage.

What does this mean for me?

In the vast majority of these cases, the customer will be switched to an equivalent MBB tariff with no impact to you, their service or billing making for a seamless transfer.

However, we have identified a very small number of cases, where we will need to speak directly to you, the partner, about the customer's usage and any required adjustments to the customers contract in order for them to comply with both ours and O2's policies. In these cases, it is unlikely that the customer will be financially impacted.

A member of the Sales team will contact you if your customers are in any way affected by this activity.


Data-only devices from 1 June 2019

If you are creating a proposal and know the SIM will be used in a Data-Only device, please selected one of our seven mbb.plan tariffs.

We've updated the Terms & Conditions in all of our mobile and mbb guides to clarify our position on the use of mobile SIMs in Data-Only devices.



If you have any questions on mbb.plan 50GB, mbb.plan or worried about the impact on your customers please contact your SAM/PSE who will be happy to help and provide further explanation.