What are my renewal
opportunities this month?
As part of our commitment to you, here's what your renewal opportunities look like in [**Month Name Year YYYY**]
  customers services potential commission  
out of contract [3] [8] [£324.00] view
New Ofcom regulations introduced in February 2020 mean that plan.com now has a duty of care to inform customers 30 days prior to the minimum contract term date when their services are due for renewal and annually on the anniversary of a contract expiring. These messages will be sent automatically unless the services in question are renewed, transferred or disconnected. An example message can be found here.
minimum contract term customers services potential commission  
Within 30 days [5] [7] [£556.340] view
Within 60 days [3] [10] [£776.49] view
Within 90 days [23] [31] [£1223.15] view
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*Renewal commission calculated as at the date this message was sent and based on like-for-like renewals. Commissions will vary based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the time that you create the renewal quote and whether you make any changes to the tariff, pricing or contract length of the services being provided to the relevant customer. For definitive commission information, please log into the portal and create a renewal quote.