Ofcom C7

Plan Communications Limited like all other UK communications providers are regulated under Ofcom's General Conditions of Entitlement. These regulations apply to anyone who provides an electronic communication service or an electronic communications network.

More specifically, General Condition C7 regulates how communications providers are able to market and sell fixed-line telephony services to customers. For full details of General Condition C7 see below:

Obligations to prevent mis-selling
Information at point of sale
Switching customer's termination rights
Records retention
Record of consent
Notification letters
Simultaneous transfers
Other migrations of broadband services

General requirements

Publication of information

Annex 1 to Condition C7 - [See Condition C7.14(a)]

Notification of transfer
Cancel other

Annex 2 to Condition C7 - [See Condition C7.15]

Working line takeovers
Asset identification
Notification letter