Ofcom C8

Plan Communications Limited like all other UK communications providers are regulated under Ofcom's General Conditions of Entitlement. These regulations apply to anyone who provides an electronic communication service or an electronic communications network.

General Condition C8 regulates how communications providers are able to market and sell mobile telephony services to customers. Full details of General Condition C8 please see below:

Obligations to prevent mis-selling
Publication of relevant obligations
Obligation with regards to mobile service retailers
Relevant mobile service – information at point of sale

Where the Relevant Customer enters into a contract during a sales call, in addition to the oral provision of this information the Regulated Provider must use reasonable endeavours to ensure that this information is sent to the Relevant Customer in good time following the call in a Durable Medium.

Provision of relevant mobile services
Records retention
Due diligence

These procedures must be carried out before contracting with or appointing the Mobile Service Retailer.

Use of information for the purpose of monitoring compliance
Sales incentives – information at point of sale