Supporting vulnerable people means being accessible 24/7, so having reliable connectivity and fit-for-purpose phone services and IT support is crucial plan.com has enabled this and so much more.

Dora Martin
Concept Care Practice Ltd


Quality monitoring is the key to understanding your customers' experience and expectations, but accurately measuring this data can be challenging.

Our Hosted platform provides a complete overview of your connectivity so you can pinpoint any issues, troubleshoot hotspots and identify trends, quickly and easily. Unlock full data diagnostics and enjoy instant access to calls for training and quality purposes, for end-to-end monitoring and control.


Your business is only as good as your people. No matter its size or scale, investment in the right level of training and support is critical to building and retaining talent.

Our platform gives you access to a number of resources and tools to help support and empower your people. Listen to calls live, launch real-time transcription, or ultimately join the call to help support your agents and control the customer experience before it’s too late.


It’s not enough to analyse what your customers say - you need to understand what they mean. Take your customer journey to a whole new level with my.plan.

Monitor their experience as it happens with live call listening and real-time transcription. Then analyse all of this data with simple reports detailing call statistics, usage breakdowns, sentiment analysis and more, all presented in interactive graphs as well as tabled insights.


Industry regulations and legal obligations are constantly changing and it can be a real challenge for businesses to keep up.

Built on data our platform gives you instant access to all activity and usage across your plan.com services, ideal for meeting audit requirements or monthly MI reporting. Our call recording technology also provides additional layers of security, auditing and recording retention compliant with all UK regulation and legislation.


Getting your customers the right resource at the right time is key to realising business results.

Automated call routing in my.plan gives you the power to instantly push customers to the right resource based on their real-time needs. With a drag and drop design and visual mapping our easy-to-use interface keeps even the most complex call flows simple.

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