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In no other industry is the need for operational efficiency and cost control more important than the incredible charitable and not-for-profit organisations that provide vital support to worthwhile causes across the country.

Many charities have already been quick to harness the power of digital and technological advancements to improve and streamline their operations, but many are struggling to find a solution that meets their complex needs.

A competitive industry, hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges are tough as these hardworking organisations look to balance the need for simplicity in their operations with low running costs and the flexibility to support remote teams, often across multiple locations.

As third sector specialists we’ve worked with some of the UK’s leading charities and not-for-profit organisations to help them to future proof their connectivity and operations, backed with honest and professional support from our expert team and partners.









of learning lost for poorer secondary school pupils due to COVID-19


For almost 20 years, education charity Teach First has been committed to building a fairer education for all by developing programmes to support inspirational teaching and excellent leadership in schools in disadvantaged areas.

As the Covid-19 pandemic triggered a national lockdown, it launched it's “Shut in, not shut out” campaign to ensure that children in the poorest communities did not get left even further behind. The charity quickly realised that for many students, that meant having access to technology to enable remote learning.

After eight months of disruption to in-person learning, research by Teach First found that over a third of parents said they had at least one school-age child with no exclusive use of a device to access learning materials, engage in online classes or complete classwork.

What’s more, well over four out of five schools attended by the poorest pupils did not have enough devices and internet access to ensure that all self-isolating students could continue to learn. Teach First turned to plan.com to help close this urgent connectivity gap.


Maximising Productivity & Efficiency


TeachFirst needed a provider to work with them to design and deploy a strategy to make use of the corporate donations received to support this cause.

plan.com has and continues to be both a financial supporter and a provider of connectivity to Teach First, enabling its teachers to access suitable technology, internet support and resources in school.

The two had forged a strong relationship and knew that by working together they could provide the connectivity and devices required to the schools that needed them most so that pupils could resume their studies remotely. Getting these "learning kits" out at speed was a top priority.

Every day that these children don’t have digital connectivity is a day that they are missing out on learning. That rapid response from plan.com was so important.

Teach First Emma Stratford – Senior Partnerships Manager


Once Teach First had identified the most in-need schools over a wide geographical area across the UK and put together a budget and project plan for each, plan.com developed a framework for how that budget could best be used to address schools’ data and device requirements and to roll out the technology.

To ensure that students had sufficient data for all their needs, which might include downloading videos or participating in live lessons over a prolonged timeframe, it was vital that Teach First find a solution to provide visibility and control over data usage.


In all, around 80 schools have now been supported with more than 1,600 dongle devices, some of which were assigned to individual pupils, while others were given out on rotation to multiple students, depending on each school’s preference.

The my.plan platform also enabled parameters to be set to prevent students from exceeding their data allowance and to also create cost centres for each individual school to give much needed transparency and control over data consumption.


We would like to say thank you so much. Our families have been really touched by the gesture and are very grateful. For some of our families, the younger children have now been able to access online learning as their older siblings had been prioritised. Families have really felt cared about by receiving this gesture of support.

Claire Holmes – Headteacher Monkwick Infant School

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