my.plan provides Devereux Transport’s 100+ fleet with detailed billing insights and easy self-management.


my.plan gives us the tools we need to manage our large workforce.

Devereux Transport is a well-recognised and renowned General Haulage and Removal Firm operating throughout the UK from their North-East base. A family-owned business it was established by Kenneth Devereux, the father of today’s owners Ken and Tony, and the family ethos runs through the heart of the business that is now in its 75th year.


The telecommunication challenges that Devereux Transport faced focused around visibility of mobile phone usage with specific issues around data. While the management team had visibility of data usage with MDM installed on the devices, it wasn’t easily accessible or digestible at a glance. They needed a solution that could provide instant insight into data usage across it’s fleet and workforce, allowing for additional charges to be identified quickly with the ability to drill down into the usage detail whether it be data, calls or texts.

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When we began searching for an alternative supplier we spoke with similar transport companies and Lee, our account manager at Affinity Business suggested the plan.com offering to us. We got in touch, booked a demo and were instantly impressed!

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Devereux Transport

The result .

Easy, at a glance & detailed insights

Our my.plan platinum package gave Devereux Transport the power to manage all of their vehicle devices in one place, giving full insight and access so the account usage can be drilled into as and when required. With a large workforce that is constantly on the move the ability to proactively manage and control devices was an absolute must have for Devereux. Our my.plan platinum package gave them that.

my.plan provides the tools that the Devereux management team requires to deep dive into data usage and spend mid-way through a billing period, so they can investigate any additional charges and set up group profiles and set spend limits to help reduce any overspend.

Thanks to the tools and controls available to Devereux in my.plan they have been able to discontinue the use of a separate MDM package, saving them considerable money and time as they can now proactively manage the account in one place.


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plan.com provides detailed billing insights and easy self-management.

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